SCAN COVID-19 Wish List

  • Android tablets (8 or 10 inch tablets/price range $150-$200) to be used to help seniors stay connected as they have been left out of most communications during this emergency situation
  • Gift cards in $25 denominations for seniors in need of food or medicine
  • Technical assistance is needed by an IT professional to advise on delivering online classes and virtual Lunch & Learns. While we do have a Zoom account, we do not know enough about full implementation of the online product and best practices for marketing and making full use of our YouTube channel to reach seniors who would benefit from this information
  • 4 Hand Sanitizer machines for the class rooms
  • 2 First Aid kits

SCAN General Wish List


  • Copier paper for office use
  • Paper shredder for office use
  • 2 drawer file cabinet with lock for office use
  • 10” Android Tablets ($200 each) for Successful Aging & Technology program
  • $10 Gift Cards for giveaways at SCAN Events
  • $25 Gift Cards for participants of Diabetes Self-Management workshops


  • Podcast Developer to expand the reach of our Multimedia Division
  • Website Developer for Benefit Enrollment Center
  • Technology Coaches for our Successful Aging and Technology Program
  • Consultants to help develop and deliver our Financial Literacy public presentations


  • $250 Scholarships for seniors to go to Summer Camp for 5 days (Sept 2020)
  • $500 Scholarships for low income seniors to attend our signature 10 week Successful Aging & Technology Program where we provide free Android tablets