Successful Aging & Technology Description – SAT

This innovative program consists of two parts: (1) technology training on Tablet computers and (2) useful information on successful aging and remaining healthy. The program is held at various locations in Monmouth County. For seniors who have a limited income, you may be financially eligible to receive a FREE wi-fi enabled Android tablet. The technology portion is facilitated by a Lead Technology Coach and additional Assistant Technology Coaches insure everyone gets the personal attention they need. The Health and Wellness topics are facilitated by specially trained Peer Leaders.

The table below gives an overview of what is covered each week.

WeekHealth & Wellness TopicTechnology Topic
1Paperwork completion. Watch gratitude video by Louis Schwartzberg, Gratitude Journal.Distribute tablets and give overview. Explain WiFi. Set up Gmail accounts.
2Sleep, Mind Body ConnectionUsing hot spots. Adding contacts and using Gmail.
3Difficult Emotions, Prevent Falls, BalanceGoogle searching and Bookmarks. Tablet features such as Calendar, Maps, Weather.
4Fatigue/Pain Management, ExerciseCamera for photos and video. Storing photos in the Gallery and backing them up.
5Healthy Eating, Communication skills, Better Breathing, Food InsecurityFacebook and sharing your photos and videos.
6Medication Management, Depression, Healthy Food ChoicesGoogle Play Store, searching for apps and downloading. Apps of interest.
7Working with Health Care Professionals and Health Care OrganizationsMusic with Spotify and Pandora, YouTube, SCAN TV, TED Talks. Sites of interest.
8Benefits & Entitlements for Monmouth County seniors., National Council on Aging web siteEducational Sites, News Sources, Office on Aging, Public Library. Shopping on Amazon and other sites.
9Advance Directives and preparing for the future.Avoiding scams and Internet Safety.
10Community Engagement & VolunteeringGeneral Q&A.

The Successful Aging & Technology program is partially funded by the Affordable Housing Alliance’s Community Action Program (CAP) funds and requires that participants complete all information including the required financial information and come to an interview.