Senior Citizens Activities Network (SCAN) serves the 55+ community in Monmouth and Ocean Counties enriching their lives with programming to promote healthy lifestyles, continuing education, and access to community and economic resources to keep them active, healthy and connected.


Senior Citizens Activities Network (SCAN) will become the premier organization in Monmouth and Ocean Counties and beyond, focused on improving the quality of life for people age 55+.

Impact Statement

We are living in a unique time in our nation’s history and how we respond may determine what this country will look like in the years to come. As an organization, we must be willing to speak to the essential humanity of all people and join our voices with the growing cries for justice, for peace, for reconciliation, at all levels of our society. We call all members of our community, including faith-based institutions, state and local government entities, our professional associations, our communities, our friends and neighbors to get uncomfortable, to get involved.  Diversity and inclusivity are a must for our community to evolve into an equitable and progressive society. One of the most pernicious aspects of systemic racism is the tacit understanding that whiteness is normative, and therefore to be a person of color in this system is to be fundamentally “other.” When left unchallenged, this attitude shifts the burden of change away from those who enjoy power and privilege, on to those who are fundamentally excluded. Dismantling racial prejudice and inequality will require all of us to examine our attitudes, our privileges, and our biases.